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Terms and Conditions

Section 1 - Introduction

You are bound by the terms and conditions outlined below. Your participation in our wealth creation
program depicts your agreement to purchase our products and receive commissions on products
purchased by your referred individuals.
Changes to the Agreement


Member must agree to abide by the rules and regulations presented by our company. We reserve the

right to amend the prices and the agreement. Any changes will be intimated to all our members by 1)

Posting on the Company website, 2) E-mail, and 3) Special Mailings.



Section 2 - Responsibilities of Clients


Upon signing up for the Premium Account, clients agree to act in accordance with all the terms and




Becoming a Client


In order to become an active member, all applicants must be of legal age in their country of residence.

We reserve the right to decline applications without providing an explanation for it. It is important that

all application forms be filled out completely before being submitted. The company does not levy annual

membership fee for becoming clients with us. But we do reserve the right to add an annual fee at any

 point in the future.


Clients are not authorized to conduct any business on behalf of or in the name of our organizations. A

 client may only purchase our products and refer new customers for these. Commissions and/or bonuses

are available to all our clients irrespective of their membership status. Tax and tariff payments must be

fulfilled by the clients in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in their country.


Change of Address, Telephone and E-Mail Addresses


It is very important that our files remain up to date with the latest contact information of all our clients.

It is the client's responsibility to let us know of changes in their e-mail addresses, telephone numbers

 and home addresses as these are the primary mode of communication between the company and them.


Termination of Client Status

Customers have the right to terminate their agreement with us, but this must be done in writing with a

written notice sent to our headquarters. Our company can terminate any client that is in violation of our

terms and conditions, the laws of their country or other regulations prevalent in the industry. We have

the right to suspend anyone based on the violations of these terms and conditions. Our company may

subsequently defer any checks for bonuses and commissions during client suspension. Any details about

this will be intimated by an e-mail and fax; response should be duly made within 7 days of receipt of




Section 3 - Product Purchase Details


All purchase requests put through our systems must be accompanied with an Account ID or name.

Customers remain responsible for making the purchase decisions. Customers can use pre-paid online

vouchers or pay via credit/debit cards to complete the purchase. Vouchers are only valid for 5 years

 from the date of sign-in. In order to provide flexibility, we have created an Easy-payment Plan for our

consumers. Please consult your introducer or e-mail us for more details.


Delivery of Products


Delivery should be expected within 3 to 4 weeks of placing the order. We process orders and send out

confirmation receipts 1 week after the order has been placed. Delivery charges have to be paid by

customers along with all local duties, custom taxes and VAT. In case a product is out of order, we reserve

the right to replace it with any of our available products with the same or higher value without any

notification. If a product cannot reach its destination due to customs’ rules and regulations, the

customer will have to contact a local agent in order to acquire it. Our company cannot be held

responsible for travelling and related expenses incurred by the customer.


The customer will also be held responsible if they are unavailable or refuse to pay local customs and

 delivery charges once the product has arrived at their doorstep. In such cases, the product may be

incinerated by the local customs authorities and may not be sent back to us. It is important that we have

up to date contact details for all our clients because we may get in touch to inform them of the situation

 if they have been unavailable and out of reach.


Product Specifications


All products supplied by our company are made to exact specifications of our expert craftsmen. You can

expect the use of the best, long lasting and durable materials in the creation of all our offerings. We

have ensured to keep any defects to a minimum. If a customer comes to be in possession of a defective

product, we strongly advise you to get in touch within 2 days from the day of receipt, otherwise we will

not be able to provide any assistance in the matter.



Section 3: Advertising and Promotion


We do not allow clients to create mass advertising campaigns for our products. Clients also cannot use

written or recorded literature/promotional material or anything else that may implicate the company

in any way. It is imperative that clients request in writing for the right to use the company logo and name

 for self-created literature. This type of literature is the sole responsibility of the client.