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Sign Up procedure

We are a Network Marketing Concern that provides services to clients from all over the world. Our
international services ensure that we continue to provide you with timely assistance and world-class
services. We are only a phone call and email away.

We have ensured that our sign up and sign in procedures remain simple, hassle-free. Our services are
flexible enough to not warrant any scrupulously long verification procedures or complex payment

But it is important that you sign up with us using correct information. We will only require your name,
 age, telephone numbers, email address and home address. And if any of the information is found to be
 incorrect, it may result in the permanent cancellation of your Premium Account with us.

 Here is how you can become a part of our international family.

Sign-Up with E-Money


The procedure is quite simple really:


1. Purchase E-Money online via our website or from one of our authorized agents in your

country. The purchase can be made using your Visa or MasterCard credit card. You may also

choose to bank transfer facilities and deposit the amount in our bank account. Details are

provided on the website.

2. The introducer will log in to their account, and then create.

3. Your introducer can purchase an E-Money for you and sign you in as well.

4. All new clients get a welcome package from our company. You will be emailed complete

transaction details, and password.

5. Please keep the passwords and account details a secret.



Our company cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen account. Any unauthorized sign-ins of an

account remains the client’s responsibility. It is strongly advised that if necessary clients transfer their

accounts using the Transfer link provided on their Premium Account page.